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PepsiCo is a beverage company that sells beverage snacks, Pepsi drinks,s, and Quaker Oats. The main challenge facing PepsiCo is competition from other soda firms such as Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper. PepsiCo plans to sustain long-term stability and success in order to beat its rivals. In order to accomplish this objective, workers must be involved in training on product innovation; new creative and quality products should be introduced. There are, however, certain difficulties that it is bound to face in the training of workers. PepsiCo should consider the obstacles that they might face in the process of training employees; it should be able to come up with strategies to overcome these problems and look at other ways it may copy from its competitors for the training needs.

One of the significant challenges PepsiCo is likely to face is lack of motivation for growth. Some employees may say that it was not part of their job description. The company will have a hard time trying to convince the employees to enroll in some of the programs. The organization might be left to train the few who are motivated to take up the learning programs (Neveu et al. 2016). PepsiCo should motivate the workers before engaging them in any training.

The second challenge the company may face is determining the learner effectiveness. Quality is what the learner can accomplish at the end of the training. PepsiCo should employ a cost-effective training delivery method that will work for its audience (Sharma, 2014). PepsiCo should determine the kind of outcome they expect from the trainees. The company should also understand the content of and commend a delivery method that may bring the desired result.

Apart from learning effectiveness, and lack of motivation the PepsiCo should expect to face the challenge of resistance to change by the employees. It is human nature to resist change. Change leads to people feeling inadequate enough for the new challenge ahead (Neveu et al. 2016). People who have been in a job for quite a long time find it a problem to switch to new routines. However, change is inevitable (Hossain et al. 2016). The world is changing very fast, and if PepsiCo does not change to accommodate the technological changes taking place globally, they will fail.

The next task PepsiCo should look into is conflicts among the trainees. People differ in the way they view various issues in life. Some people get into battle because they do not agree with the opinion of others (Neveu et al. 2016). Other people are not patient with their colleagues this may lead to division among the team members. Nothing good can come out of a group that is divided. Another challenge they may face is a disregard for the success of the team in the effort to pursue personal success. Some people do not engage fully in the training process. Other people go for the exercise to please their bosses. Employees may go for the training, but they might just be wondering how the program will benefit them (Sharma, 2014). If people mind about other businesses during the training session, the company will be at a loss because it will be wasting resources which it could use for other activities.

However, there are ways in which the company can address the issues that will arise during the training process. To be able to deal with the problem of lack of motivation by the employees the company should develop programs that may be of benefit to an individual. The organization should consider giving the employees rewards for attending the training (Sharma, 2014). The awards may include certificates or monetary rewards to encourage them. To deal with the subject learner effectiveness, PepsiCo will have to use the tools that the employees are familiar and comfortable with (Hossain et al. 2016). The method of delivery of the training should make the instruction easy to be implemented (Neveu et al. 2016). For example, if PepsiCo decides to use the website to teach the employees, the employees might find it a challenge to implement it in the practical sense efficiently. The trainers to make the concepts to be in the most straightforward format possible, by making it simple will allow the trainees to understand the concepts faster (Sharma, 2014). Change is the most permanent thing under the sky. PepsiCo should develop a culture to teach people that difference is part of ordinary life. The company should train employees to accept things turning and move on with life without much struggle. Allowing change enables people to be more flexible and creative. Managers should be educated on conflict management skills to reduce the number of conflicts among trainees, (Hossain et al. 2016). Instructors to illustrate how the new values and skills they will acquire from the programs will benefit the trainees in their lives.

There are some areas that PepsiCo should benchmark similar organizations like coca cola to get information that may be beneficial for PepsiCo in the training process. An example is the Coca Cola University which offers the curriculum of the company. The program offers many courses including marketing, leadership, sustainability, finances, adversity and other competencies (Sharma, 2014). The program also provides scholarships to its employees. Coca-cola does not incur extra costs of looking for trainers, time and other resources required for the training of the employees.

PepsiCo should consider the challenges that they may face in the process of training employees; it should also be able to come up with the strategies to overcome the obstacles, and look at the other ways it may copy from its competitors for the training needs. The best way to make the customers is to make sure you are up to date with the customer wants. To know the customer essentials includes constant training of an individual. In all aspects of life, people should keep on improving themselves to be more efficient.


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