Appraisal of Performance

Explain the three stages in the assessment process
Leistungsevaluation is a crucial mechanism for any organisation’s success. In order to create a proper employee development plan, it includes an appraisal of employee success in order to recognize their strengths and abilities. The performance assessment process offers a company a variety of benefits, allowing management to plan promotion plans, compensation packages, training programs and requirements for selection (DeNisi & Smith, 2014). It can also act as a motivating tool, as workers aim to enhance their performance on the basis of such goals.
As such an understanding of the steps involved in the process especially since the process is negatively perceived by many employees.
The first step in the performance appraisal process is analysis. In this stage, skills required for success in a particular role are evaluated. By understanding the skills and competencies needed for an employee to be successful in a particular role, it is possible to create a suitable appraisal system. During this stage, appropriate standards for employee performance are also established. The establishment of a baseline requires the use of both internal and external data. The assessment planning phase is the second step in the performance appraisal process. This involves planning on how to assess the various skills and competencies, developing target skills areas, and monitoring the skills areas over a time duration. The final step in the performance appraisal process is the action phase. This step is critical since it involves “the integration of skills identified in the analysis phase, the assessment program, and the learning and development program in order to build the desired skill set” ( This phase, therefore, seeks to enable employee development with a view to attaining standards desired by the organization.

Performance appraisal results can be used an input when it comes to decision- making in an organization. Salary increases and promotions are among the situations where the results can prove useful. Through informing the determination of training needs of an organization, the performance appraisal process is fundamental to human resource management. The proper implementation of the results would help align human resources with the mission and vision of the organization in question.

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DeNisi, A., & Smith, C. E. (2014). Performance appraisal, performance management, and firm-level performance: a review, a proposed model, and new directions for future research. Academy of Management Annals, 8(1), 127-179.

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