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I am a graduate of the University of South East Kenya (S.E.K.U) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Physics in Educational Science. As a physics and mathematics teacher in your school, I would like to forward my application.
I am a Christian, computer literate, team player, fast learner, and adaptable to most environments of learning. I have an 8-4-4 secondary, IGSE and British curriculum teaching experience with full involvement in both classroom and extra-curricular activities. My classes have always been live based on set classroom teaching and learning objectives. My teaching experience is noted havening taught at Nova academies in Johannesburg Campus (2012 and 2013), Kitengela International school (2014), and Agha Khan academy Karachi campus (2016). Outside the teaching field, I have also worked with an IEBC as a Voter Verification Clerk (2017).

I promise to work with your institution to make it better if offered a chance.

Yours faithfully,



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