The caricature illustrates iPad and Daily Newspaper. R.I.P sign and grave are used to indicate termination of the iPad only newspaper. News Corp in 2012 introduced that it would terminate publication of the daily less than two years after the paper made its debut. Thus, the cool animated film represents the end of the iPad –only daily newspaper.
Key Issue Addressed
Was discontinuing the world’s first iPod only newspaper that allowed less difficult access to news by humans through their gadgets a disappointment?
Techniques Used
RIP is used as a symbol to signify the termination of Daily newspaper. In fact, the sign is located on the iPad screen whilst the newspaper is inside the grave (Komar). It is also used to symbolize the end of the publication of the paper and continuity of iPad. That is why it seems as if the iPad is the one telling or wishing the newspaper to R.I.P having been a part of the gadget life.

The artist also uses labels to reveal the meaning of the cartoon. The grave is labeled daily newspaper while the device standing next to the grave is labeled iPad (Komar). Similarly, like indicated above, the iPad continued to exist even after ceasing daily newspaper publication. Therefore, the labeling assists the audience in understanding what is terminated and the thing that continues to exist. Finally, Komar also uses exaggeration seen in the picture of a pissed off man’s face in the newspaper to show disappointment for termination of newspaper.

Interpretation of Thesis Statement

Termination of Daily newspaper was a disappointment to both people and Apple. The cartoon reveals this by showing an iPad saying RIP to Daily newspaper in the graveyard, which means that the ceasing was immature. In addition, the face of the man that seemed to be pissed off shows dissatisfaction of people.

Works Cited

Komar, Cris. “R.I.P.” Pic Photos, 2012, Cartoon.

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