Annual Scholarship Celebrations

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The six scholarship celebrations were held at Lewis University, with the participation of several scholars and players in the scholarship program. On Thursday 20-April-2016, the celebration titled “Discovering your Pathway to Excellence” took place. The scholarship program provides students with an opportunity to engage undergraduate and graduate students in achieving their academic goals. The celebration proceeded with participants from each segment of stakeholders making presentations about different activities related to the celebrations during the celebrations. There also posters made in the celebration, the posters on the festival, internship programs, and research projects were made in the mathematics and computer science block in the university other scholarly works include creative works such as music, poetry, and theater among many other artist works made in commemoration of the ceremony. A business plan competition was part of the scholarly students to encourage the growth of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the learners.

A statement from the university president Mr. David J. Livingstone emphasized the need for academic excellence. His statement pointed out the impact of the scholarship program to the growth and development of the community. Dr. Stephany Schlachter through her statement invited all attendees to the celebration and expressed gratitude to various individuals and stakeholders who had made the festival a success. In attendance was also the US representative Mr. Bill Foster who is a renowned entrepreneur and scientist Mr. Foster was the chief guest in the celebration offered encouragement and motivation to young leaders and entrepreneurs to pursue their goal. The ceremony was divided into sessions whereby participants had an opportunity to share their experiences and showcase their capabilities and talents.

The first meeting involved presentations on social issues, innovation, and art. The session had some presentations such as the treatment of people with disabilities throughout history the presentation was made by a medical doctor to educate the attendants on how to provide care to the disabled. The creative arts sessions involved two of talent shows such as the poison killer that aimed at educating the society and attendants on the effects of poisoning in the body the posters session was very educative as well and attendants were able to learn some issues such as the economics of political revolutions among many other topics.

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