Animal cruelty and rights

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This paper was written as a discussion on animal rights. The world we live in does not treat animals nicely, as some of them are captured and caged for scientific use. The captured animals are opened up for studies and treatment operations (Rowlands 15). Animal rights is concept that suggests that animals are privileged to life and their interests. These interests include the right to not suffer and to live healthy life.
Regardless of the fact that animal researchers have laboured to relieve animals of their pain by providing the animals with a humane environmental to live in; it is safe the fact that the outcome is still the same (Rowlands 70). The animals will be harmed in the end. In reference to the humane environment; some of the researchers have provided their animals with larger cages. This provides them with a large room for movement and exercise as well as playing. They have also tried to impose less isolation by allowing the animals of a particular species to interact with one another (Rowlands 19). The big question is whether the Scientists are doing this acts to gain positive publicity or whether they really care for the animals.

Personally, when it comes to ameliorating the suffering of laboratory animals; I don’t think that providing them with a much more comfortable zone makes things easier. I think that the idea of scientists providing animals with a much more humanely environment is an act that is meant at buying/gaining a positive public attention. The fact that the animals are provided with a much more comfortable place to live in does not mean that they are alleviated from pain and suffering (Rowlands 68). The type of environment that the animals are caged in does not determine whether they are going to suffer or not. My view is that Animals are just like Human Beings; they are entitled to a free life that is fair and full of freedom. In the Beginning, God created the Earth, Animals and Human Beings. God then appointed Man to take care of his creation; not to destroy it (Rowlands 16). By using Animals as research objects, it is evident that Human beings have gone Contrary to God’s expectations.

Most of this scientific researchers are very hazardous/dangerous. Some of the animals normally succumb to this operations; despite the fact that most of this experiments are normally done for the greater good of saving the Human Population, this experiments ought to be monitored or regulated (Rowlands 23). In order to curb the level of people all over the World abusing Animal rights; the best way is by coming up with Laws and policies.

This Laws will be used against people who offend Animal rights. Very few/significant groups of people or scientists should have a permit of carrying out the experiments. This act is likely to reduce cases/instances of people from all over the World abusing Animal Rights (Rowlands 43). This policies and laws ought to be enforced to ensure that they are taken in seriously. Personally, I think that Posner would have agreed with the process of proving the animals with a much more humane environment but would disagree with the process of carrying experiments on the animals since this killing or destroying God’s creation.

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