Analyzing the Facebook Business Model

As a social networking site, Facebook is used as a utility that binds individuals so that they can keep in contact with friends, post photographs, share videos and connections, and exchange messages. Users can enter interest forums hosted by organizations such as schools, universities, working institutions or other groups. Customer partnership is one part of the Facebook business model. In this regard, the knowledge approach used helps the app to provide consumers with an effective, personalized and secure experience. Facebook collects the user’s profile information and the content they are sharing. Besides, it gathers the details of payments made or transactions carried out through the platform. It is achieved by utilizing the importer tools in locating the address of the friends and searching people or inviting new members outside the network (John 123). Likewise, it collects information regarding individuals’ action tracks taken on Facebook such as poking others, sending gifts, or attending an event. Also, it accesses browser and device information like the location, browser type and IP address of the user, cookies information together with information received from any other websites. This aspect of information strategy facilitates the management of content sharing, thereby improving the delivery of such services as serving personalized advertisements to the users, supplementing profile, making suggestions on the potential applications or friends, and memorizing the account when the user passes.

Similarly, Facebook shares information of the users with third parties whenever permitted by the users. For instance, when one invites an ally to join Facebook, this invitation may have data concerning the other users that the friend may know. Such information is significant for the others in case they wish to search you by either IM or e-mail providers with whom Facebook has partnered to provide access to publicly available content, help, promote, and improve service of platform with third parties, advertise its services as well as prevent harm and respond to any legal requests. In a bid to build loyalty and trust to the users, Facebook focuses on the provision of privacy control regarding to ensure their information is only shared in the manner intended. Through the TRUSTe certified confidentiality policy, the users can use powerful and simple tools in controlling the content they share with others (Van Dijck and Poell 5). Since its inception, Facebook’s management has worked to create a trusted and safe environment by demanding its users to use genuine names. Additionally, the platform has partnered with safety online experts around the globe besides instituting a worldwide safety advisory body which it consults in case of any safety concerns.

Conclusively, Facebook has designed many activities that guarantee diverse features in addition to maintaining the distinctive networks on its platform to enable different social needs of the users. The designed functions cover features that help users connect with friends as well as meet new individuals, informing them what a person does and one’s location. It also offers access to huge amounts of applications that are meant for interaction, page linking, entertainment, and content publishing while still retaining privacy.

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