Analysis about the Age Gap

Taking a gap is becoming a common practice amongst the American students: taking a gap a year during the student’s most extreme years of study can be tremendously beneficial. As the practice will become common, educational experts have suggested a quantity of reasons how it can be beneficial to the lives of the learners, careers and studies. Colleges recognize the gain of a gap year to the students and even to the administration of the students; for this reason most of the colleges are increasingly supporting the thinking by making it more accessible (Kate).
A gap year is a significant time in the life of a young person and a chance that enables them to alternate their perspective, as a well as to bring a positive change through their activities (Margaret). Various literatures have supported the idea of taking a gap year because that time can give the students direction that they need to confidentially decide on a major, and eventually, a career path they are passionate about.

Taking a gap a year helps students to become more certain of their major. One telling observation reveals that learners who take a gap a year during the course of their studies end up changing their intended original major after returning (Kate). During their time in school, the experiences that they gain in their gap year enrich their course, empower co-curricular activities, and animate their undergraduate projects and dissertations (Kate). Regardless of the state of development of a country where students spend their time in, taking that crucial year off can give them the needed direction to confidential choose a course of their interest.

Other education experts have also suggested that taking a gap year helps in keeping learners from feeling burnt out (Margaret and Kate). Students who have worked hard during high school can feel excited to be back in classroom after taking a gap a year. Studies have found out that student who takes a gap a year before joining college record higher GPA compare to those who join colleges immediately they are from high school (Margaret). Rather than losing focus in their study, such students come refreshed and rejuvenated, hence explaining their higher records in GPAs. Besides, students who have taken a year off after high school are highly motivated and passionate about their studies more than the ones who continued immediately after high school. Such students are more focused, with a greater sense of achievement that they want in life.

Anecdotally, though there are studies which show that students after they are through with high school need at least a year off to become ready for school. Notably, when students are not ready for school they tend to get into bad behaviors, such as drinking or dropping out of school (Sparks). Perhaps, this could be a result of immaturity or a feeling that they are in a wrong place at that time. Accordingly, taking that crucial gap a year can save the floundering around the students. Additionally, students who take a year gap tend to see the entire world waiting for them, unlike those students who do not take some time off, who will look around and see only classes, books, college, and resumes among other unnecessary things. Basically, taking a year makes students to adopt a different angle of looking at things. It will not only validate the desires of a student to study a course of his choice, but will also remind him that he has a lot of goals to accomplish in life.

Taking an age gap reminds students that there is experiential aspect of learning. The culture makes students realize that there is a lot to learn about how the world operates by interacting with it, instead of just reading about the world remotely (Sparks). Students become more determined to attain experiential learning by utilizing all the available avenues while in college.

Agreeably, everybody needs to take a gap year especially when they desire to change their experiences and have many doors open everywhere they want to go. When students go a broad during their year off, they get opportunity to navigate through challenging experiences, at the same time they get renewed curiosity and academic strength.


While academic experts have suggested a different arguments pertaining gap years, some supporting the ideas, while others opposing it, I would strongly support that it is imperative for the students to take a gap year in their studies. For one, a gap year has demonstrated to help students who are overwhelmed with the feeling of burned out. Furthermore, it is also an opportunity for the students to look for adventures to try out their academic potentials. A gap year which is well structured and thoughtful can result to a greater focus and diligence in school. Students have also reported to adapt to college life so well especially after they have developed some level of maturity. Not to mention, students who have taken age gap have reported to a higher score in their GPA.

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