An Environment that is Legal

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The Legal Environment
The company chosen for this assignment is the Skylark Meats that sells sliced liver and corned beef to its customers. The business laws that this company must be concerned with are marketing and advertising laws. This is because Skylark Meats deal with products with a lot of health benefits. For this reason, they must make sure that their marketing and advertising are truthful and come with backed up evidence (Kolah 59).
For example, according to the official website of Skylark Meats, they claim that a slice of their Skylark Liver has 40% of the required daily value of protein for a human body. This is why they should ensure that their adverts are not deceptive and are unlikely to mislead their consumers that act reasonably under given circumstances. Additionally, Skylark Meats should ensure that their adverts do not omit or contain deceptive information, which is important to a customer’s decision to buy or use their products (Kolah 63). Moreover, their products should not cause or likely to cause considerable harm that consumers could not reasonably avoid (Kolah 68).

Some of the government regulations that will affect the operations of Skylark Meats include state licensing, tax codes, and employment and labor laws. For example, Skylark has employees and has employment tax responsibilities, such as Social Security and Medicare taxes. Business licenses and permits are also crucial to ensuring that consumers are safe and operations of companies are transparent. However, different state laws apply to various business activities, which depend on the location and the type of business (International Business Publications 63). Therefore, the business license and permits of Nebraska State will affect the operation of Skylark Meats.

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