An Anthropological Study of the Therapeutics of Meditation Practice in the US

Practices based on meditation are crucial and helpful in overcoming issues, anxiety, and depression. The practice of both the mind and the body is at the heart of meditation. People require a quiet area free from destruction while meditating, and they must practice paying attention. People who meditate can relieve their tension, anguish, and suffering. despair, physical and emotional symptoms of sickness, including insomnia. Mantra, mindfulness, movement, transcendental, and spiritual are just a few of the various types of meditation. Through everyday meditation, people use the mind and body techniques to obtain mental calm. Traumatic conditions leads to stress and depression. Many researchers have established research findings and found a correlation between meditation-based practice and therapeutic trauma. The efficacy and effectiveness of medication-based practices cannot be neglected in reducing trauma across all ages and sex. The medication intervention has been of great significant on the treatment of mental disorders. Trauma is the emotional response as a result of terrible events and may lead to depression resulting to death.

Mind and body practices should be applied in order to reduce depression through mediation. However, the notion on whether the intervention is applicable to all mental disorders or to what extent are the meditation-based practices effective. Many people going through a lot of trauma such as realizing they are HIV positive, financial problems like loans, relationship and marital issues and long term illness requires meditation-based practices to accept their current condition. Patients should change their brain by transforming their mind through meditation-based practices. Elements of meditation such as space, earth, fire, air and water are important in understanding meditation-based practices in relation to body and mind.

Question 2: What assumptions or biases underlie or are hidden within meditation-based practices? How can this idea be combined with mind and body practice to create a more competent or comprehensive understanding of meditation?

The assumption that meditation is only applicable in solving life problems is unrealistic. Positive outlook is important when releasing depression Well-being is affected by the following constituents namely;


Positive outlook



Reactivity towards and rapid recovery may have negative events. People need quite places when they are in depression. Meditation-based practices are a psychological insight towards emotional healing after traumatic events. The practices aim at relieving depression and stress symptoms caused by mental disorders or physical pain. The impacts of resilience on the trauma may lead to serious consequences. Structural and peripheral biology affects the effectiveness of meditation- based practices. Resilience to recovery may increase the intensive of the depression. Positive outlook helps people to understand their situation and find possible ways to solve the problem. Different forms of meditation affects the constituents of meditation.

Mind and body plays vital role in relieving stress. Individuals affected by the traumas should relax their mind and meditate. Physical exercise helps the brains by supplying lots of oxygen and nutrients to the brain thus relieving depression. Contrary, the practice of meditation is so diverse across the world as some people based on their race, culture and beliefs do not practice meditation –based practices. Psychological well-being and self-acceptance enhances meditation process and is important aspect when treating disorders through medication. Individuals should feel more confidence and practice a positive feeling to solve their problems. Effective meditation requires unique techniques such as specific posture, focused attention and open attitude towards the problems.

Question 3: How would you judge the accuracy or validity of meditation-based practices?

Scientifically, meditation has been found to be effective in treating mental problems such as stress, anxiety, depression and physical pain. The accuracy and validity of meditation-based practices cannot be neglected and is considered very effective. Mindfulness or meditation based-practice is important in the prevention and treatment of depression. The psychological state of awareness enables individuals to understand themselves and the surrounding events that affect their well-being. The three aspects related to meditation-based practice reduces one’s temporal index by reducing stress. Through pain, an individual is able to communicate with themselves and later connect with others through sharing their traumatic experience. Meditation practices help patients to open their hearts and connect intimately with others through sharing.

The accuracy and validity of meditation-based practice is based on three aspects namely; self, mind and body. The psychological treatment is greatly used in medical intervention to help patients suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. Meditation-based practices have been adopted globally as a medical intervention to relieve depression. Clinicians’ uses meditation based practices and considers the intervention as an effective means of addressing anxiety. However, the effectiveness of the practices depends on an individual self-interest and perspective. The intervention was found to be more significant in treating trauma among the women living in the United States of America. Besides, meditation practices are also critical in relieving emotional pain caused by injuries. Factors such as self-reliance and individuality have both negative and positive impacts on meditation-based practices. The victims are able to control their inner feelings and reactions and later learn how to cope or overcome the depressing condition.

Question 4: How would you evaluate the ethical (moral) implications or consequences of meditation-based practices? How can these separate ethical or moral implications be reorganized or rearranged to produce a more comprehensive understanding of the body and mind practices?

The moral and ethical implications of meditation-based practices are based on diversity. The practices are determined by the moral values of individuals or the society perspectives. Person-centered practices and experience determines the effectiveness of meditation based practices as individual’s mind-set affects the success of the intervention. Besides, cultural contexts play a significant role meditation intervention. Psychotherapy through meditation depends on the moral behavior of the community towards then affected individual.

Drug abuse has been highly condemned in many parts of the world and people addicted with drugs may want to get out of the addiction but the societal perception and attitudes towards may hinder their marvelous decision to quit drugs. The moral values and attitudes of the society towards the depressed individuals either through diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer and other long term or terminal illness may affect the healing progress of the victims.

Moral reasoning and ethical behavior have a great impact on the well-being of human beings. The ethical reasoning affects the decision making process which may have negative effects on personal feelings. Mindfulness and individual awareness affects moral-decision and may affect the healing process through meditation. Ethical behavior leads to honesty and openness which opens way for meditation and taking the best step towards solving the problem or accepting the situation. Meditation-based practices have solved several problems in the society such as drunkenness leading to a peaceful co-existence among community members. The intervention helps patients cover from depression and other mental disorders.

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