Among the Missing

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Dan Chaon used to be born in Sydney Nebraska in 1964. His book was well obtained by the people hence giving him a risk of winning different awards. Among the Missing, is the story shared by Dan Chaon examining how children, women, and men who do not live inside the American dreams. These people questions which way, decision, or hope that brought them to the American land. Chaon is trying to display the complicated characteristics of humankind, from unexpected disasters and betrayals to the deadening grief caused by deaths. The story explains a specific absence the place an uncle killed himself, a mother missing, kidnap of a friend, a sequence of symbolic and literal positions (Chaon 288p). The characters in this novel are emotional, lonely, and powerless as they can do nothing about this hatred. Moreover, this story is neither melancholic nor morbid hence, is used to describe the very nature of America.

Work Cited

Chaon, D. Among The Missing, United States Of America, Random House Publishing Group,2009, 288 pages. Print.

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