American National Security Issues

America faces myriad of complex national security challenges daily; the policymakers are struggling to make decisions that will help to mitigate and prevent the national security issues. However, misunderstanding between nations, time limits, and limited resources are some of the factors that are deterring effective eradication of the national security issues (Michael). The essay will identify a current security issue being debated, elucidate two competing solution to the challenges, evaluate the preferable solution, and identify the responsibilities of each government level and the three branches of the government.

The current issue about American national security

The Syrian crisis is among the issues being debated on American National Security. The debate has been ongoing for the last several years. The discussions on the problem are happening due to a large number of Syrians suffering due to the conflict. The war started in 2011, and since then more than 400000 Syrians have been murdered (Michael). The conflict has correspondingly displaced more than 6.5 million individuals while 2.8 million of the population are children. Despite efforts by the U.S government, the war continues, and billions of dollar worth infrastructure have been damaged (Michael).

 Solutions to the Syrian crisis

After rigorous debate by the US legislators, two solutions to the problems were identified. The first initiative was for the  US government to establish a no-fly zone and safe places for the refugees along the Syrian borders. The effort would help the Syrians in need of housing facilities and food to be safe and thus protect them from harm; the no-fly zone would reduce the rates of attacks and prohibit Syria government from accessing other parts of the region. The second solution will be launching missile strike and intervention by the US army; the intervention will be directed toward the Syrian facilities and regime forces. Military intervention will comprise of battles between the US army and the Syrian Regime forces. (Michael) .

Preferable solution

Military intervention will be the best solution to end the crisis in Syria since the main obstacle to peace in that country is the terrorist group. It will be crucial for the U.S army to work together with troops from other nation to stop the crisis. The missile strikes will be effective only when the military is well organized and have partnered with soldiers on the ground. However, these solutions will be achievable only if there is cooperation between the U.S army and other armies (Seyed).

The responsibilities of federal, state, and local government

In the US the all the three levels of government have different responsibilities towards the citizens. The federal government’s role is creating national laws that ensure stability within the country, protecting the citizens through guaranteeing national security and controlling the national economy of the country. The state government operates the state judicial systems, collects revenue from the people, offers of education to the residents, and ensures that there is good transportation for the residents. The local government responsibility is public administration and running the city utilities including the fire department, libraries, local law enforcement, parks, and public swimming pool(Glen).

Branches of the federal government

The Us federal government is composed of three branches, the legislative, executive, and the judicial. The primary responsibility of the legislative branch is to make laws; the laws are made and amended by the congress, senate and the house of representatives. The executive is the branch of the government responsible for carrying out laws through the office of the president, vice president and the cabinet. The judicial interprets and applies the laws through the supreme court and other federal courts (editors).

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