AL Ghumgham Electronics incorporated

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P.O Box 5698
Cleveland, OH 44101
March 16, 2017
Intellipath Wholesale Shop
P.O Box 2354
Cleveland, OH 44101
Attention: The Division of Customer Service
Subject: The batteries of Faulty Laptop
Ten laptops of similar specifications were ordered from your shop last month, however, when the goods were received and tested, it was discovered that two of these laptops had faulty batteries. I am writing this letter to request for replacement of these batteries, and this is in line with the guarantee that was signed on delivery. The original receipt of the purchase is still available, and a copy has been attached to this letter. The two laptops have serial numbers of SN23568796 and SN23569647. The order was through a phone call on February 14, 2017, and the delivery was made a week later on February 21, 2017. The affected batteries and the respective laptops have been sent along with this letter for your examination. My decision to return the faulty batteries for replacement is based on the fact that I will be unable to sell them to my customers and, thus, would result in a significant financial loss on my part. However, according to your warranty arrangements, faulty products may be replaced within 3 months from the date of sale provided that everything is kept intact and an original receipt produced to back-up the claim.

Kindly examine the returned products and advise me on how or when I can expect to receive the replacements. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Husain AL Ghumgham

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