Airplane flight as a form of transportation

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The earliest powered flight was produced the year before the start of World War I. Yet, during construction time, aviation’s advancement happened at a slow pace, enhancing the speed becoming apparent throughout the war. The time between the two world wars saw numerous advances in aviation (Donatelli, 2011). The change marked the transition from applying wood in building aircraft to the metal in smooth, advanced, and fast aircraft. Shortly after WWI, society faced the challenge of observing some of the benefits of aviation. Therefore, its consideration as somewhat a new idea caused several issues regarding the guarantee of the safety of the public. Therefore, investors exhibited fear of investing in airline forcing the European governments to bear the responsibility of funding the aviation industry. The airmail was regarded experimental hence financed by the government.
The Significance of the Problem
Before the WWI, the use of the airplanes remained limited to a few instances. For example, in the transportation of small items such as mail, newspapers, lamps, and the tobacco products. During the WWI, the effectiveness of the airplanes became evident; hence, the decision on improving the aviation sector. The airplanes facilitated faster transportation of people and goods.
Development of Alternatives
The high demand for delivery of mail using airplanes necessitated the creation of an appropriate network for the air transportation. The demand for the air delivery of letters amongst the European nations contributed to the development of bigger and better-performing aircraft to meet the demand. Most of the countries followed suit resulting in the emergence of the commercial airlines in Europe (Donatelli, 2011). The fact that the European countries have short boundaries saw the demand for such haul services in transportation through aviation. The fact that the governments funded the aviation industry ensured its effectiveness in meeting the needs of the industry through increased investments in additional commercial airlines.
Uniting countries should facilitate the development of the appropriate policies regarding management of the exchange of goods between the foreign territories. Establishment of the safety rules by the various nations is crucial to facilitate accessibility of the aviation resources by commercial firms operating in the different countries.

Donatelli, D. (2011). Evolution of US Air Cargo Productivity. Page 15. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

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