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JetBlue is a private corporation in the United States that manages air transport. Its headquarters are located on New York’s Long Island. The airline’s main target is John F. Kennedy International. The destinations covered are primarily in the United States, but some include Bermuda, Barbados, The Bahamas, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Jamaica, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic (Lohmann and Koo 7). There’s a goal and a vision here. An outline of the JetBlue airline, its mission, and vision is discussed in this work.
JetBlue’s history has it that it was established as “New Air” by David Neeleman in 1999 until its name was changed. Other than offering low-cost travels like other domestic airlines, it distinguishes itself by offering in-flight entertainment by fitting a satellite radio and a TV on every seat (Madu, 2012 p 5). Its leadership is headed by chief executive officer who has a vision “to bring humanity back to air travel” (Armen,2013 p 399).
The airline has set core values. The main value is that its set to ensure safety first and commitment to maintaining high standards. The standards are; provision of security to customers and crewmembers, crewmembers and customers maintain respectful relationship. Other values as integrity, trust commitment, and honesty exist between management, stakeholders, crewmembers, and customers (Aharoni and Noy,2012 p 52).
The mission statement of JetBlue airline is to be the leading low-fare, low-cost passenger airline offering high quality customer service to underserved markets and customers who are looking for the best value in their flight (Armen,2013 p 400). The statement is very elaborate, and it would help the company in the following ways; evaluation and improvements are facilitated, helps in shaping strategy as it welcomes useful changes, can be used in decision making and determines future direction and undertaking (Aharoni and Noy,2012 p 52).
The vision is “High-end customer service at a low-end price.”. This vision is in line with its mission. Meaning if JetBlue airline can get to their preferred future airline service if it achieves its mission (Rothaermel, 2015 p 23).
In conclusion, the airline has demonstrated that they can bring a new experience to air travel. Their core values are elaborate and help improve performers of personnel. The mission statement assures customers of best service and vision promises brighter future for the company and customers.

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