Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act, popularly known as Obamacare

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The Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act, also known as Obamacare, is in danger of being repealed by Trump’s current administration. Obamacare, which was introduced in 2010, was meant to extend health insurance services for American citizens. During Obama’s presidency, the executives became interested in a push to get more people to sign up for health care coverage. These people, who are in charge of the Obama Health Care Act on behalf of the legislature, are currently attempting to rescue the Act from the same. They are also focusing their private attention on the number of Americans who receive care. They have launched a campaign slogan dubbed “Get America Covered.” This is intended to counter the hostility that the Affordable Care Act is facing from the Trump administration. The new government led by President Trump has shortened the enrollment window and also slashed the budget that was set aside for promoting sign-up. “Get America Covered” aims to remind people of the enrolment deadlines and other benefits of Obamacare that Trump’s administration is reluctant to show to American populace.


People that have launched the campaign called “Get America Covered” have realized that Trump is not interested in Obamacare and would want to see it fail (Magan 4). During his presidential campaigns, President Trump pledged to scrap Obamacare within few months into office (Jervis 12). Mr. Trump promised to bring the cost of healthcare coverage down by promoting the free market solutions. However, this has not succeeded yet, and his effort to replace Obamacare failed severally, hence creating the reason for frustrating effort to get people sign up (Magan 5). Cutting the budget to fund Obamacare as well as shortening the window period of enrollment depicts Trump’s anger because of his failure to offer better healthcare coverage solution to the American citizen (Oberlander 2). If not repealed as Trump promised on his campaigns, it will be a setback to his presidency and people who backed his bid. Left with no other choice, President Trump can now only deny people access to information about signing up (Oberlander 3). This has forced the group that was running the Obamacare on behalf of President Barak’s government to put some efforts to save it, this time from the current power.

The private citizens have now taken the role that should be played by the government to get more people sign up for health care coverage. Another reason why Trump may be interested in repealing Obamacare is due to his hatred he has towards the former president (Oberlander 1). It is, therefore, his happiness to destroy Mr. Obama’s legacy even if it harms American people. He, in the past, claimed that the former was not American but Kenyan born and did not deserve to be the president. On the other hand, the “Get America Covered” crusaders want to use their little influence not only to save Obamacare from Trump frustrations but also to protect their legacy (McKay 21). One can only guess that Mr. Obama is behind the campaign and is aimed at frustrating Trumpcare which is still to be initiated.

How the next few months in American politics would unfold is for everyone to wait and see. The Trump’s administration is busy preparing the new healthcare bill that, if passed, would render Obamacare irrelevant, but those who supported former President Obama are still persistent on sensitizing people to sign up for Obamacare. More interestingly, some Republican senators supported Obamacare and even voted in favor of it in the House when its repeal bill was first introduced (Lanford and Jill 620).

What makes America stand out among the countries of the world is its democracy. People do not support ideas just because it is sponsored by their party, but with their independent mind after analyzing the benefits as well as disadvantages of such a bill if passed.

In conclusion, there are lots of controversies surrounding Obamacare as spelled out by the new administration. Obama is defending it from the current government. The Obamacare group has even made it difficult for Trump to launch his new healthcare bill. Their intention is to save Obama’s legacy from being abandoned by the new administration and, perhaps, prepare a strong foundation for the next general election.

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