According to Freud, nobody is completely normal;

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Nobody is fully regular, according to Freud, so normal and abnormal are the same since not all human beings are fine. Individuals vary, however, in that some are more regular or abnormal than others. Normal is when one follows the expectations set by individuals; thus, abnormality behaves differently from what society expects. Society, however, typically shuns someone or something other than their views; for example, Darwin’s notion of humans emerging from monkeys was seen as unrealistic and ridiculous. Therefore, culture fails to see that abnormal conduct is equal to normal conduct. Behavior, on the other hand, is the actions of an individual and according to Freud; they have a cause found in mind. So, the behavior of an abnormal person is usually a reaction to a particular thing. For instance, Phobia is an anxiety disorder caused by fear of an object, animal or a particular environment. People consider phobic behavior abnormal since they cannot see what is causing the fear or understand their defense mechanism that helps to protect their ego from the powerful identity and their different reaction from others. Therefore, it is possible that normal and abnormal behaviors are the same as they are both caused by elements in mind.

Question 2

According to Thomas Szasz, testimony concerned with mental competence should be abolished in trials since psychiatrists giving the testimony are similar to priest testifying about a person’s religious state in courts. He believed that insanity is a legal tactic used to evade church punishments such as property confiscation for men who committed suicides so that the children and widows are left poor. Therefore insanity is a legal mercy personified as medicine. I consider the use of psychology in courtrooms as a repressive development rather than a progressive one.

If a person accepts that psychological factors can affect an individual’s accountability, then there is no inherent reason for not believing that a terrorist who is seen as an enemy because of gunning down people is less mentally disturbed than an individual who kills an unfaithful lover. I think psychology in the courtroom focuses the jury’s and judge’s attention on the state of mind of the defendant instead of their action; thus, diminishing accountability. Therefore, psychology should not be use in court testify as it a mechanism that seeks mercy for criminals.

Question 4

Patient’s qualities can help the doctor or a therapist treat their condition. One of the qualities of a healthy patient is speaking the truth and not keeping some information untold. Hiding issues can lead to wrong prognosis. The other quality is being a good observer who tells the physician the changes he or she observes as the illness unfolds. Good patients are trustworthy, which helps in telling the truth. Also, a good patient is a follower of the professional advice given by his or her physician as it can help heal the condition. Most patients do not follow doctor’s instructions; thus, their condition usually continues to deteriorate. Yes, I qualify as a good patient because with these merits, I can benefit from treatment.

Question 3: Three Generation Genogram

75 years old-alcoholic

Ann-70 years old

Renal problemDavid-alcoholic




Drowned-24 years





27 years 25 years

65 years-diabetes mellitus67 years


38 years40 years 33 years-diabetic

Joseph-41 years

Allan-17 years

Steve-4 years

Mark-12 years


38 years

George-15 years



Female Death


Male Death



Across the generation, the paternal grandparents had renal and alcoholism problems that were carried to the next generation, their children. On the other hand, the maternal grandparents, there is the history of diabetes, which is again inherited to one of the daughters. Therefore, patterns across generation show that there are diseases that are inherited from one generation to the other, which can be helpful to doctors as they can use the information to assess the health of a patient. The genogram is important to the therapist, as it can help the physician understand the origin of a disease, and how to provide the diagnosis.

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