Abuse Awareness Advocacy

Make four lists of potential targets for activism. The goals for which organization activism is recommended, one for regulatory advocacy, one for legal advocacy, and the last for group advocacy, should be included in one list.
As noted in the book, proponents should use indirect approaches to gather statistics on the quality of programs, such as visits or occasional phone calls to departments, as well as analyses of annual department records, in addition to other statistical papers.
Agency Advocacy Targets
Here, tracking techniques will mainly be used in some of the future agency advocacy priorities. Such approaches act as expensive ways for learning what issues appear problematic for clients. In short, the agency advocacy recommends proposed rule change, changes in programs or policy, budget preparations, client outcomes, and program and policy implementation.

Legislative Advocacy Targets

In the same way, legislative advocacy targets primarily focus on monitoring and identification of the problems of the clients. In this case, the bodies of legislatures need to be monitored to help in the determination whether the proposals made will be hurtful or helpful to clients. The strategy of the legislative advocacy becomes useful when the target of change is a local ordinance, the state of the law, school bonding policy, and municipal code.

Legal Advocacy

By definition, legal advocacy refers to a strategy that helps in many targets. It is carried in a judicial branch. Here, the possible advocate targets include raising funds for litigation, identifying clients that need the legal advocacy, and participating in the team of strategies. Other targets include locating legal help for clients, serving as an expert witness, conducting efforts of community education about the cases, and monitoring the settlement and the court orders, as well as providing consultation to the team of legislation.

Community Advocacy

Lastly, the targets of the community advocacy include finding ways to deal with false myths, counterproductive philosophies, inaccurate information, dubious ideologies, unfounded beliefs, and incomplete information. Other targets include lack of information, insidious attitudes, and misleading imagery.

List three possible sources for information regarding client needs in your community. Where might a list of such sources be available?

In my community, Minneapolis, some of the possible sources for information about the needs of the client include peers, elected and appointed officials, teachers, parents and caregivers, service providers as well as merchants and business people. Evidently, a list of such sources might be available in the database of the world health organization, the government official website, various schools and so on.

If you identified three pressing, unmet needs of clients in your community, what factors would you examine and how would you decide on which to focus?

Obviously, the development of a plan for the identification of the needs can be helpful for changemakers to understand the possible ways of improving the community in the most efficient and logical ways possible. However, such dream can sometimes fail to come true especially when there is an identification of the pressing and unmet needs of the clients in my community, Minneapolis.

In this case, the factors I can decide to focus on are the likes, the dislikes, and the composition of the community. For this reason, the use of target audience decision makers and the influencers will be helpful in dealing with the issue. Note that the primary audience are the decision-makers, and the secondary audience is the influencers. The pressing and unmet clients will be solved in the appropriate manner.

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