about white privilege

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White privilege has been a contentious and complex subject that has seen a lot of coverage around the world in recent years. White supremacy refers to the privileges that white people in culture have that non-white people do not (Halley, Eshleman & Vijaya, 2011). We now live in a world that encourages ‘whiteness.’ White supremacy pervades all aspects of society’s intellectual and social lives. As a result, the cultural and social advantages that come with ‘whiteness’ go unnoticed by the recipients, making acceptance of fact impossible (Halley, Eshleman & Vijaya, 2011) The society also sees white privilege as a product of culture that is based on the ideology of white supremacy. However, it is important to note that white supremacy is unconscious but it can be exploited and manipulated. An example of white privilege is their representation in the school curriculum. White people are never concerned about racial representation in class because English books are written by whites and white leaders are all over history books. White people also do not fear being gunned down by cops and their accomplishments are not questioned.

Eradicating White Privilege

As a society, ignorance has been a major factor in white privilege. Those who benefit are not aware while most people of color do not even know that while privilege exists. Hence, multicultural education should be introduced in the school curriculum to sensitize students on the existence, dangers and eradication of white privilege. Diverse groups should be included in the curriculum including whites with the aim of transforming education to treat all diverse groups equally (Halley, Eshleman & Vijaya, 2011). Members of the society who know how white privilege is devastating should take it as their responsibility to speak up against it. It is only through being proactive that white privilege can be eliminated in the society.

Question for class discussion: What is the history of white privilege?


Halley, J. O. M., Eshleman, A., & Vijaya, R. M. (2011). Seeing white: An introduction to white privilege and race. Lanham, Md: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

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