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Judiciary processes in many countries around the world have a variety of ways to execute offenders. As a result, discussions were held on the proper options to deal with particularly violent homicide crimes, and the death penalty was used among the execution procedures (Van Den Haag & Conrad, 2013). Over the years, however, researchers have been analyzing the question of the death penalty. Some deem it unethical without regard for life, although others contend that it is vital to modern justice. I believe that the death penalty should remain in the real world, since it helps to reduce the incidence of murder and to save the lives of each person. As explained by Cassell (2008), one of the major pros of the death penalty is that it promotes order within the society and respect for life among the people (Baumgartner, De Boef, & Boydstun, 2008). However, this argument has been criticized by the scholars since there is the proof that indicates the effectiveness of death penalty as the crime rate is reduced in the USA.
Another advantage of the death penalty is that some offenses are so heinous that they deserve no leniency. Life sentences or even the death penalty should be the ultimate repercussion for such crimes. For instance, terrorists have killed, injured, and endangered the lives of millions of Americans, thus the only penalty that most people consider appropriate is the capital. As a result, it gives a sense of relief and security to the people who have been threatened by the actions of such criminals (Butler and Moran, 2007). In contrast, there are arguments that suggest that the death penalty is immoral because we live in the democratic society in which the ancient method an eye for an eye should not work. Lakoff argues that capital punishment is not the form of retribution but revenge (2001).
Finally, as Butler and Moran (2007) suggest the death penalty is usually discussed during the consultations among the team of competent jury of approximately 12 members who keenly assess the arguments of both the defendant and plaintiff. It ensures that justice is served for the families of the murder victims. Additionally, the death penalty saves the governmental costs which are mostly associated with trial appeals and taking care of capital offenders while they are in prison (Streiker and Streiker, 2010).
As there are a number of benefits of the death penalty, some scholars have argued that the death penalty shows how hypocritical the USA society has become. They posit that one cannot promote the safety and respect of the lives of the people by taking away the life of another. If the main purpose of the punishment is to teach the offender , then it makes no sense taking his/her life (Cassell, 2008). Nonetheless, studies have revealed that majority of Americans agree that the death penalty is the best sentence for capital offenders (Cassell, 2008).
To conclude, it is important to understand that the death penalty is the response by the judicial system to monstrous crimes. The court shows that it will not tolerate any form of criminal acts, especially ones that take away or endanger the lives of the people. In addition, despite its demerits, the death penalty has proved its effectiveness as the crime rate has been decreased in the states where it was implemented.

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