about smithy mill mishap

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The user of the machine hand trapped his right hand between the mill and the job after the hand gloves dragged him to the machine, resulting in a loss of 3 fingers.
The grinding machine uses a large force that can draw the operator’s hand, particularly when loose clothes or hand gloves are trapped in the machine (Ullman 233). The operator’s hand gloves were not fitted to the finger in this mishap. They became loose and trapped in the spinning end of the milling machine. The result was to cut off his fingers until he managed to get his hand out of the computer.
Improving safety
The problem can be avoided by having a plate holder, which helps in moving the plate to the desired position of the milling machine. This creates adequate distance between the hand and the work piece. Thus, it is impossible for the hand to be caught in the machine.
Industrial and federal regulations
According to the United Sates Department of Labor, OSHA has industrial regulations, which require that individuals wear protective equipment that is in accordance to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) when working with any machinery. If the OSHA requirements were followed, the mishap in this case could not have been experienced.
Possibility for the problem to occur
The possibilities of problem to occur include harming of the eye, nose or entire face of a person by the flying objects. It is also possible to inhale fumes from the metal being milled. Using cotton gloves is dangerous since they easily catch fire, but gloves are not good to hold the rotating work pieces. Failure to wear protective guards and clothing lowers the safety level of a person while working in the milling machine.

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