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Self-disclosure is one of the schemes people use to interact with others about their growth, success, loss, like, or hate. I still remember the self-disclosure of one of my schoolmates and a classmate sharing his story of how he and his family went to Disneyland over the summer holidays, which left me nervous. The story of how they went to Disneyland was outstanding and worth remembering and sharing with friends. He shared how his family had the best time with each of them in Disneyland. They enjoyed every moment of the occasion with passion, sharing and caring for each one of them as family members who had missed their emotional bond for a long time. Even though the account of the achievement and development was worth recalling, I felt it was one of the self-disclosure that made me uncomfortable during the moment. Firstly, I think the timing of the self-disclosure was not appropriate and correct. One of the best techniques of realizing an effective communication is timing. I believe if he would have considered timing the audience to his story it would have helped him achieve his objective.

At that moment I was depressed by my family issues which made me feel so uncomfortable with the whole story. For instance, the previous night I picked a quarrel with my younger sister which almost resulted in a fight and therefore, the whole account made me feel so insignificant. Furthermore, I wanted alone time to think about family issues given that the same night both my parents fell in a disagreement. Since I did not want to dishearten him, I let him give the story about their happy moments during the summer holiday tour.

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