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Professionalism is defined as an individual’s behavior in the workplace. Different practitioners in different fields exhibit different attitudes, but it is not necessary for individuals who are more learned than those in the workplace to exhibit a higher degree of professionalism than others. Office cleaners and unskilled staff, for example, can show a higher level of professionalism than surgeons, lawyers, and engineers. There are various ways that a person may do to act properly. The first step is to emphasize time management so that one can get to meetings on time and set a positive example for junior employees if the person is a manager in the organization. Secondly, being in a good mood will enable one to relate well with the co-workers, boss, and customers. Dressing appropriately is another way that can help one to show professionalism. If an organization does not have a unique dress code that it requires its employees to wear, then the employees should try to dress in official attires that would make them look presentable while at the workplace.

Employers have several ways that they can use to check for their employee’s professionalism. The first thing they do is to look at the attitude. They have to know whether an individual can find solutions to problems or whether the employees can have no answer to every situation. Additionally, the employees must show levels of competence in the jobs they are doing. They should know what they are doing regarding their job and also have the required knowledge to do what is needed of them. Effective communication skills are also important for employers as they know that their employees will use the skills while serving their customers. Lastly, employees who show commitment to long-term stay in an organization are viewed to show professionalism than those that are not committed to long-term stay. An example of where I acted professionally is when I resolved a conflict between two employees who had a disagreement on work that one of them was supposed to do. In resolving the conflict, I did not take any sides but told them to agree by doing the work jointly to address the dispute.

The concept of professionalism in both the classroom and the workplace are similar because in instances such as time keeping are needed in both places. Learning to keep time is an essential ingredient in every place as it helps people to do their work in specific timelines. Another aspect that is similar in as both instances is the ability to communicate effectively. A person that communicates effectively will be able to speak their ideas to the other people apparently, and they will be understood in whatever they say. Attitude is another aspect of professionalism that is required in both instances of the classroom and workplace. Individuals with a good attitude will succeed in the jobs they do in the workplace or the classroom.

At the workplace, I will like to be perceived as an individual that displays professionalism in whatever I do. It can range from time keeping to how I communicate with my co-workers, the senior management, and the customers. Furthermore, I will like to display knowledge in the work that I do and also to mentor my juniors to demonstrate professionalism.

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