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I agree with the assessment that the two forms of love are entirely different and are incompatible in many situations. It is also feasible for friendship, however, to grow out of romantic love. They may be entirely different, but the development of friendship means that romantic partners may also evolve into friends. I’ve seen divorced advertisers who are also close friends. The erotic love grew into friendship and then the romance died; there remained friendship.
I do believe the distinction is precise. Romantic love is very irrational and it leads people to do things that are irrational. Close friendships are rational and they grow out of having common aspects. . One takes the time to think about his or her friends while it is not always the case with romantic love. It is also true that erotic love is nothing without the touch and the body while friendships are based on the mind. The distinctions are indeed entirely accurate.
It is possible to have a marriage based on friendship and apparently these relationships last the longest. However, it is erotic love that brings together couples in the first place. Not many people are sitting around hoping to marry their friend. Therefore, having a marriage based on friendship is quite possible. However, it is much more likely that one will begin with erotic love and then develop into a friendship.
It is important to think of the two separately because both types of love drive one towards different goals. Erotic love will lead one to think about marriage as a matter of course. Friendships, on the other hand, do not lend themselves to that obvious conclusion. More often than not, friends end up getting married to other people.

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