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Great listening skills are a key aspect of good conversation. Listening is also mistaken with hearing, so it is important to remember that listening is a talent and hearing is a physical capacity (Barclay, 2012). By listening, one can make sense of and understand the context behind the sentences. With all other expertise, some people are effective listeners, and others aren’t. The variations are in their features and behaviour.
A good listener would still let the speaker finish talking before they answer. They normally take their time to process their thoughts before they answer, to make sure that whatever they say is powerful and important to a discussion or circumstance. They pay attention and take note of all the details such as emotions and non-verbal cues so that their response appropriate in the situation. Making assumptions characterizes poor listening skills, a good listener will wait for the person who is speaking to finish, and if they still haven’t understood the message, they will seek clarifications or an explanation of where they did not understand. Sometimes people ask more a lot of questions at the same time with expectations of being answered at one go. A good listener asks a question at a time and waits patiently for the response.

There are some practices and conversational differences that good listeners have, which can be adopted in a person’s daily conversational routines to make them good listeners. A key trait is to have an open mind. Great listeners are aware that keeping an open mind about someone’s beliefs and philosophy will help them understand the person better what makes the conversation more relaxed. A good part of effective listening is the ability to put oneself in another’s situation and trying to make it relatable. Finally, good listeners are committed to the conversation, and they are always present.


Barclay, L. (2012). Learning to listen/listening to learn. New York: AFB Press.

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