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The above-mentioned literary appreciation provides a practical and concise account of John Quincy’s financial constraints. The latter is confronted with a monumental challenge: obtaining a heart transplant to save his nine-year-old son from death. The film portrays several incidents of enthrallment surrounding a family’s convincing love and affection. This is the main reason that John is doing everything he can to guarantee that his son survives the risk of death. Most of the time in life, we are faced with circumstances that force us to make decisions, but love still transcends all of that. John, who is the crucial cast in the movie, faces a hard time having to secure a heart transplant for his son who he loves but the problem is that he does not have enough money to solicit and cater for the process. However, due to the profound affection, he feels for him, he struggles to his level best to ensure that the son does not pass away due to his inability to save his life. He foresees consequent negotiations involving the police in order to claim value for the problem he is facing. Lucky for him, he is hugely endowed with distributive bargaining techniques that he makes good use of in the process, by so doing; he gets the best opportunity to save his son’s life by getting his name on the donor’s list. This was the primary objective behind his struggle. He had thought of taking his life so that his heart would be transplanted to his son in order to salvage his life.

He made a succinct analysis of the situation at hand in order to access the best way forward. His funds were not enough, but he had to find the most amicable way to solve the situation. He had two options to choose from, but he was not ready to select either of them; to watch his son die because he had no way of helping him and the other was to make a drastic move that would save his son’s life. He came up with a thoughtful plan that would come in handy in helping salvage the situation. He abducted patients from the hospital that his son was scheduled to have the heart transplant if at all he had been successful in soliciting the prerequisite funds.

He intended to use the abducted patients as bait for the negotiation plan he made. According to him, the plan was to formulate an exchange strategy in which he would surrender the patient he had taken in exchange for his son’s heart transplant as he could not raise enough money to help facilitate the process. The chances of loosing of his son were quite high because he had no surety that his beloved son would survive the great ordeal. All that was left of him was faith, and he chose to make a significant investment in it by at least giving it a try.

Comparative Analysis

In context to the situation in which Quincy got caught up in, his actions seem to be justified. At the initial stages in which it became apparent to him that his son could not survive for long without a heart transplant, he was relaxed. This was attributed to the fact that he was comfortable in the knowledge that the insurance policy in which he had taken cover would chip into cater for his son’s medical expenses. However, events did not turn out as he had anticipated them to as the insurance firm refused to foot the prospected hospital bill for the scheduled transplant. His option to kidnap patients from the healthcare facility was a show of the affection he had for his son. It would be totally wrong to say that he acted irrationally as it is the obligation of a parent to display the love they have for their children.

Concept Exploration

The main casts in the movie are Rebecca Payne, Doctor Turner, John, Michael and Denise Archibald. The movie’s storyline is driven by the two principal negotiators from the onset of the movie, and they give a specific portrayal of choleric tendencies, and they are Lt. Grimes and John Quincy. The movie includes other literary devices within it. John’s act of kidnapping patients and negotiating them for his son’s treatment is symbolic of the love and affection he has for his son. Doctor Turner who is stationed at the hospital where John’s so is to be operated on, know that John has no money for the transplant, however, John has a plan that he would use to ensure his son is treated which is a form of dramatic irony. The idea to abduct patients in order to have his son treated was satirical as a human being with a heart, and emotional feelings cannot go about stealing patients from their hospital beds for his own gains.

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