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People have a common belief that sex trafficking is not a concern confined to cities or developing countries. It is important to note that sex trafficking is one of the most egregious forms of human rights abuse that impacts all nations around the world. Sex trafficking diminishes the dignity of civilization and has developed into a new form of slavery. Due to high financial benefits from the company, modern slavery has increased in recent years. The global economic downturn has fueled this operation fervor. It is estimated that about 27 million people worldwide are victims of slavery or sex trafficking. The victims are engaged in activities such as forced labor , domestic servitude and child begging just to mention a few.

By traffickers recruiting individuals with preexisting problems and training their victims on how to hide the vice from the government and human right institutions, cases against traffickers have become much complex with most traffickers being able to walk scots free. The governments have been charged with the responsibility to protect their citizens and therefore each government should be able to put appropriate measures that geared towards curbing human trafficking.

Drug trafficking being rated third in the money amounts, it blows horns that this vice is really growing fast and all institutions should be able to join hands and raise awareness among people. The pain and torments that the victims go through is just unimaginable. This pain causes physical, emotional and psychological trouble that scars them for the rest of their lives with women and children turning out to be the most vulnerable victims. Every one ought to enjoy his right to freedom and the gift of humanity.

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