About Homelessness

Homelessness is a situation in which people do not have a permanent living spot, such as a home, for a variety of reasons, and it is a phenomenon that affects many people in big cities throughout the United States and other parts of the world (Semuels). According to studies undertaken by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, almost 600,000 people are homeless. Homelessness is exacerbated by a variety of factors, including mental health problems and harsh government policy, but the main cause of homelessness is a lack of income. Homelessness is a problem that can be overcome by involving and initiating various activities to assist homeless people. The Government Helping Solve Homelessness
The government should help solve homelessness because most of the homeless people are impoverished with no finances and are exposed to harsh climatic conditions which may make them sick, thus requiring medical assistance which will increase the government’s medical budgets or lead to loss of lives thus reducing the population of the country. Through the government helping solve homelessness, it shows that it cares for the wellbeing of its people (Semuels).

The Citizens Helping Solve Homelessness

As citizens, we should help solve homelessness because through helping, it shows we value the homeless despite their current accommodation difficulties indicating there is no discrimination. Also, when citizens help solve homelessness; a bond is created portraying how citizens are united and have the interests of others at heart (Anderson, 223).

Individuals Helping Solve Homelessness

Individuals should help solve homelessness because when an individual takes it upon themselves to help others, it shows that the person has compassion and is not self-centered. By making sure that the homeless people are comfortable gives a person a clear conscience and a feeling of satisfaction (Quindlen). Showing affection and helping people in need is a virtue valued by all people across the globe.

Obligation to Help Homeless People

We are obligated to help the people who are homeless because they are part of our society and when people see homeless people in a region they tend to believe that the society has neglected them, so it is upon us to help the homeless. Also, it is our obligation to help the homeless because religious wise it shows piety because you would have helped a brother or sister in need through sacrificing different aspects like time, money or other resources. We are obligated to help the homeless because no one can make it in life without support from others and when you help others at one point you will also be helped at a different time even if it is a matter not related to homelessness. According to the Dalai Lama 1935, we are obligated to help because through sharing other peoples’ forms of suffering, through showing compassion and empathy one can attain the ultimate attainment in Tibetan called nying je chenmo which translates to “Great Compassion” (Anderson, 224).

Ways in Which to Help Solve Homelessness

There are numerous ways which can be used to solve homelessness such as creating empowerment plans to help the people with homelessness be able to overcome their problem. The empowerment plan may involve the creation of job opportunities at firms to give a chance to the homeless individuals to work to earn a living to sustain themselves and have homes. The empowering organization can create and donate amenities that are crucial for survival for the homeless people like coats that turn into sleeping bags to keep them warm during nights or the cold season (The Empowerment Plan). Sleeping bags and clean bottled water can be donated by empowering organizations as well as any other individuals or groups to help keep the homeless people a little comfortable. The government can reduce taxes on houses to make them more affordable and accessible to the public. Also, the government should set aside a budget for the homeless people to support them financially during their crisis.

My Contribution Help Solve Homelessness

First of all, I would create awareness because many people do not know the issue of homelessness exists and affects a large number of people across the globe. I would post on my social media issues that pertain to homelessness and distribute pamphlets to the public and members of my school to make them aware and urge them to help the homeless in various ways they can like through donations. I will also offer religious guidance to the homeless because despite them being poor they can give their hearts to the Lord God Almighty who has the power to change any situation even their homelessness problem and help them secure a home (Rossetti). The heaven and earth cannot sustain God, and this shows that He has the power to change any situation if beseeched.

Possible Opposing Views to Address

Some people have developed a stereotypical perception that the homeless people became homeless because of overspending their salaries and having poor financial planning and therefore they should not be helped since it was their fault them being that situation. Assisting a person in need does not need justification because the person is in distress and leaving them in that position will not help solve anything. Other people believe that the homeless people are in their predicament because of being lazy thus, may feel no obligation to help them. Encouraging and assisting the homeless helps create a strong and united community that is destined for greater things.


In conclusion, it is evident that homelessness is an issue affecting different parts of the world and different groups can help solve the issue of homelessness such as the government, the citizens and finally the individuals. We are obligated to help the homeless people because in one way or another they still comprise of our society and there are various ways of helping to solve the problem of homelessness such as creating empowerment programs and organizations, creating awareness, reducing taxes and creating job opportunities.

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