about confessions of a mask

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Estha’s painful experience is defined in such an oddly indirect way by Roy because she was in love with someone called Velutha. During the day, Estha and Rahel will give him visits. Their mother, on the other hand, will pay a hidden visit to the same man at night. Esther was returned to his father in Calcutta. She had been through a lot since Valutha’s death had thrown her off. The effect of this decision is to present Estha’s position and what she was up against. Mishima creates a portal from the narrator’s world into our world by covering the story of how he struggles to fit in his society from when he was young. Mishima was born with a body not physically fit making it a challenge to him as he struggled to fit in the Japanese society. He was raised away from his age mates, and this prevented him from familiarizing with norms. Mishima’s life as he grew up made him fascinate about sex, death, and violence something that is identified from the narrator in his book (Takeuchi 2007). The narrator is more similar to Mishima because they passed through the same experiences; therefore, the idea created a portal into the narrator’s world because they share the same story.

3. Roy asks the questions of ‘WHAT IS HUMAN NEED’ in a more inquisitive manner because he does not understand the cross-border tension that is caused by the conflict between what human desires and socio-political constructs that have suppressed individual liability. Roy asks this question as a challenge to many when he views the multilayer social restraints on peoples’ bodies and minds.

Work Cited

Kayo, Takeuchi. “Reconsidering Yukio Mishima’s Confessions of a Mask as Representation: A Study of Representations of Homosexuality from 1949 to 1954.” F-GENS Journal 9 (2007).

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