About Computer Crime

The data and information stored, or transmitted digitally, are digital proofs also known as electronic proofs and can be submitted to the Court by a party (Welty, 2015). It includes electronic knowledge, digital imaging, video recordings and audiotapes. The best proof is given by well displayed electronic evidence. Precise and diligent consideration should be taken to ensure the data is not skewed or manipulated. Effective data collection and data conservation approaches can also be used to guarantee proof accuracy and credibility. In an attempt to fight electronic crimes and to enhance the collection of relevant digital evidence for all crimes, an investigator should apply efficient techniques and methods of collecting as well as preserving evidence. Investigators should use forensically approved ways to collect and store key digital evidence. For example, they can gather details using high-resolution imaging systems configured with Nano-engineered magnetic imaging methods. This technology helps in recovering data that has been tampered with and distorted by criminals (Boddington, n.d.). Also, an investigator must secure and preserve digital evidence to make it valid in a court of law. For example, an investigator can store evidence in a read-only, non-rewritable CD-ROM. Investigators can then produce some copies which can be copied on disks bearing the investigator’s name and signature. Production of more copies avoids conspiracy and loss of the evidence.

In conclusion, investigators must establish procedures for handling electronic evidence. The methods of collection and preservation give the proof credible in the prosecution of the offenders. Hence, the use of forensic technology in screening and protection of data have proved to be the most useful. Investigators need to adopt sound technological tools for retrieval and storage of information and data.


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