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It is evident from the findings of my self-assessment assignment that I took, that it is critically involved with the study of nuns. I have discovered from the observations and the results of the nun research that much of the health issues I have been experiencing are due to self-neglecting and inactivity. The explanation for this is that, in my life, I have experienced many health issues. I rarely have any health problems during my leave and off-work season, however, because I participate in physical activities. I have concluded that, comparing this to the nun study, my self-assessment is linked to the nun study in the sense that lack of physical activity can lead to health problems. These simulations depicted the changes that older individuals are experiencing in their later years.

I experienced difficulty performing these simulations for about thirty minutes while carrying out the normal daily tasks. After wearing latex glove with a wrapping tape around the tips of my fingers, I experienced reduced sensation. I could not tie my shoes properly without the help of another person. I was unable to respond normally to heat when I handled a stove as well as other hot objects like an iron box. I could not feel the heat hence I could not respond in the usual manner. The loss of my normal sensory ability through the use of the latex gloves was severe enough such that I had to place objects in my mouth to determine their common nature.

On the other hand, after placing the plugs in my ears, my normal hearing ability was impaired. I had to struggle hearing normal sounds. Anyone who talked to me during the exercise had to use a high pitch sound; particularly they had to shout louder. I had to ask for information repeatedly and also tipped my head to facilitate hearing.

During the exercise, I felt an increased level of restriction. I felt so uptight about my inability to handle and sense objects. Besides, I felt confused for my inability to hear normal pitched sounds.

While performing the simulations, I noticed several changes. I experienced a decreased ability to hear low-pitched sounds as well as my normal ability to discriminate between similar words. As a result of poor hearing, I became emotionally upset, and I could not react to loud noise or even a slammed door. The participant who were with me and other individuals I had the chance to interact with at the time became disoriented and often gave me blank looks. They became quite upset because they had to shout and assist me on several occasions to hold objects.

Through this experience, I came to understand clearly the behaviors and reactions of older individuals with sensory impairments. With these sensory changes brought about by the aging process, I became aware of various difficulties older people go through during their old age. I was challenged to change my approach to how I treat and interact with them. Therefore, I realized that I need to give older individuals more attention by spending more time and helping them with the normal daily tasks.

From this simulation exercise, it is apparent that we need to understand the reactions and behaviors of older adults’ with sensory impairment. These sensory changes call for a positive approach from younger individuals to offer appropriate assistance and attention that impaired elderly individuals require.

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