about a tale of two cities

Based on the data given, it is clear that the West End; Foggy Bottom; GWU neighborhood is a high-income neighborhood with a plethora of community properties. Since bus transportation is supplemented by rail, commuter services in the area are unquestionably adequate for the neighborhood’s population of slightly more than 16,000 people. Meanwhile, the omission of a leisure center is most likely deliberate, since having three parks alternately emphasizes the relatively open land available in the city and provides enough space for outdoor sports and community interaction. The percentage of housing units in the area that is owner-occupied stands at twenty-eight equating a low figure considering the high average median income; this is indicative of a population mainly consisting of renters. Nevertheless, the lack of vacant or blighted properties in the neighborhood indicates a high demand for and sustainable maintenance system of the features. Also, the presence of two grocery stores might allude to a healthier eating populace that cooks more often.

On the other hand, the dataset provided for the Eastland Gardens; Kenilworth neighborhood betrays a low-income area with strained community assets, which in comparison to those of the West End area are strikingly disproportional. Commuter service in the area is limited to seven buses that must strain to meet the demand of the low income earning populace. Also, the area has no park which might indicate a lack of available free space to accommodate such. However the availability of a recreational center mitigates this.

Housing units in the neighborhood that are owner-occupied stand at forty-two percent, which in comparison to the low-income figures, is interesting and might also allude to low-cost properties. However, the presence of a vacant or blighted property possibly denotes low demand for and an unsustainable maintenance system of the properties. Additionally, the lack of a grocery store in the neighborhood is an indicator of a populace that might be priced out of healthier eating habits.

The two neighborhoods compare disproportionately on a variety of dataset. Accordingly, the disparity in education prevalence correlates with the differing median incomes and poverty rates between the two neighborhoods, and these differences have the unintended impact of polarizing the community. Indeed the six and a half miles between the two neighborhoods is representative enough of the disparity in assets between them considering relative poverty in the Eastland Gardens neighborhood and lack of enough public amenities relative to the population.

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