Abortion remains among the most debated issues in the United States of America.

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In the United States of America, abortion remains among the most discussed topics. Discussions about whether abortion should be legalized in the US have culminated in countless talks between elected officials in both houses as well as regular citizens over the past few decades (Fineman 26). Other stakeholders have also clarified their feelings about the issue, such as faith organisations and health practitioners. If ample evidence is presented to justify why abortion should not be legalized in the US, the benefits of the act, in addition to the general public, are greater than its alleged adverse effects on human health. As it is at the moment, there is no satisfying explanation to link abortion to the claims that form the basis of the bad image given to the act.

Constitutionally, there are enough reasons to make abortion legal. Despite being the most controversial issue so far, viewing the issue using the law and seeing how the rights of women are infringed by restriction to abort, how the unwanted child will be tortured, and the anguish the society will be forced to sustain; it will make no sense to go on with the restriction. The US constitution is very clear on the unchallengeable rights that every citizen is guaranteed to. The right to happiness is one of the undisputable rights that the constitution protects (Hadley 43).

Forcing a woman to carry an unwanted pregnancy is against her right to happiness since a child comes with additional burdens starting from carrying the fetus for nine months and the expenses of caring for the child. Medically performed abortion is the only way to remove the obstacle. Denying the right to a woman is the same as the invasion of her constitutional freedom (Linda 18).

The unwanted child is also subjected to uncontrollable suffering. Studies have proved that majority of the malnourished and poorly catered for children came as a result of unwanted pregnancies. In most cases, the youngest portion of the adults are the victims of unwanted pregnancies. Teenage pregnancies are also common. When such mothers give birth, they are normally too young to understand the full responsibilities of a mother. The end outcome is the suffering of the child. In addition, children born from unwanted pregnancies are given little attention and love by their mothers.

Precisely, abortion is a key factor in the establishment of a peaceful society because it enables a woman to enjoy her rights as provided by the constitution, in addition to relieving a would be suffering child from his or her anguish.

Research has shown that abortion has lower rates of infections and other health-related complications compared to delivering a child. When a woman is forced to carry the fetus to the end, there are so many risks and childbirth related complications when equaled to medically performed abortion.

Chorioamnionitis is a common infection that affects a large percentage of women carrying unwanted pregnancies. Viral and bacterial infections can also result in death as well as causing long-lasting complications to the mother and the infant. With this medical proof, abortion looks safer than carrying unwanted pregnancies to the end.

According to Center for Disease Control and prevention, less than 0.05% of women who get abortions experience health complications. The information also indicates that more complications are reported among women who give birth because more than 1.6% of them experience severe complications.

Abortion is a safe remedy for women experiencing pregnancy-related complications like; pre-eclampsia and eclampsia, hypertension, anemia, genitourinary tract infection, gestational diabetes, ectopic pregnancy and many more illnesses. When such infections are discovered during the pregnancy period, a medical abortion is recommended to save the life the mother. Recommending abortion during such situations and at the same time condemning it sounds two-faced and ironical.

A major point in the argument against practice of abortion is that it is risky and results in many deaths. Most recent studies have revealed that in the US, childbirth causes many deaths than medically conducted abortion (Tyrer 102).

More than 800 women die every year because of childbirth and other indirect complications related to childbirth. The number is expected to rise and many women carrying a pregnancy to the end will be at increased risk of dying at the time of giving birth.

The most recent data that shows a number of women who died from abortion is 2011 that showed two women succumbed to complications triggered by abortion. The comparison of risks between abortion and childbirth suggests that the argument based on the risks associated with abortion is not sufficient to make it illegal in the US.

When viewed in terms of long term physical and mental risks, abortion is safer than childbirth because it has minimum mental and physical problems that come after. Majority of women are forced to visit postnatal clinics after safe deliveries because of the mental and physical complications that follow the childbirth process. There are no enough reasons to illegalize abortion because of the risks associated with the process because it even safer than normal childbirth procedure (Tyrer 92)

The issue of abortion has been politicized in the US. The seriousness at which the issue is condemned is as a result of politics. The politicization of the matter makes the anti-abortion campaigns lack genuine reasons to support their assertions. To prove that the matter is politicized to advance politically and be relevant by the Democrats and the Republicans, the matter has for several years become a tool for presidential campaigns. The anti-abortion republicans are only interested in gaining political importance and supremacy as opposed to having genuine reasons to support their claims (Fineman 13). The matter needs to be addressed by medical and other experts because they have a clear understanding of how the process is carried out. The arguments concerning whether pregnancy termination should be legalized or not ought to be purely based on medical backgrounds. It is important to analyze the issue medically because it is the easiest way to prove its necessity (Hadley 52).

The religious groups are at the forefront of the anti-abortion campaigns. Their arguments are based on biblical teachings that termination of pregnancy is equivalent to taking an innocent soul. They also argue that abortion reduces moral values because it results to irresponsible sexual behaviors among the teenagers and youths. A major point that can be used to counter the claims by religious groups is that not every American citizen is a believer in the various religious groups opposed to abortion. The freedom to worship enjoyed by the US citizens creates a room for non-believers to speak out their minds concerning the matter (Haelle 37). The decision of whether to abort or not should be left as a personal issue and a person will make individual decision to abort. There is need to legalize abortion and make it look helpful because its benefits outweigh its negative outcomes.

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