ABC Supply Incorporated

In America, ABC supply Inc. is the largest wholesale distributor of window, gutter, siding and roofing materials. Across the United States, it has about 600 stores with continuous growth over the years. As such, ABC supply inc., just like every other company, can be exposed to different kinds of threat that may hinder the growth of its operation. To this end, this research work seeks to evaluate the greatest natural and human-made hazards that may cause instability to the activities of the organization. (ABC Supply Co. Inc. 2017). A severe earthquake is the is the greatest natural disaster, that can emasculate the operations of ABC supply inc. The renowned company has more than 500 stores and is a giant in the supply of building materials. However, all these can crumble due to a severe earthquake, perhaps with a magnitude of 7 and above (Federal Emergency Management Agency). Such a disaster destroys all the infrastructures, kills and injures people including employees, and also deters any form of communication. Earthquakes are devastating since they may lead to subsequent challenges during the recovery period such as the spread of communicable diseases and trauma among the survivors. The damaging effects may also take a while to recover; hence, affecting ABC Supply Inc.’s operations.

Regarding the human made hazards, the effects of war, typically nuclear warheads could severely cripple ABC Supply Company. Evidently, peace is an important element for any corporation to thrive. It allows people to coexist freely; thus, promote various organizations. However, a nuclear warhead targeting the United States would cripple ABC Supply Inc.’s operations by destroying the buildings as well as the population within it (Tucker, 2015). Moreover, employees and other top management officials would be affected by the warheads.

Overall, ABC Supply Inc. thrives in a conducive and peaceful environment. As a leading supplier of building materials, the company is bound to advance even further since construction never ends. However, natural disasters such as earthquakes could cripple the firm regarding its operations. Similarly, human-made disasters like wars could lead to the collapse of the company. As such, these hazards pose the greatest harm towards ABC Supply Inc.’s operations.


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