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Parents must ensure that their children live a safe lifestyle. Some people, on the other hand, are entirely unaware of the consequences of being overweight. The BMI is a measurement of body fat that is commonly used. A child with a high BMI is more likely to develop diseases at a young age. The majority of people have respiratory problems as a result of body fat accumulation. In comparison to other children of similar weight, they are immobile and less active. In most situations, when a child starts school, he or she develops tension, which affects their academic performance (Preedy, 2012). Sam, who is five years old in the case study, has a high BMI. I aim to propose learning objectives that will guide the family to help Sam maintain optimal weight.

Learning objectives

To identify risk factors associated with a high BMI

Knowledge allows people make informed choices about life. Teaching the parents of Sam about the health implications of a high BMI may give them a platform to turn around their lives. People take things for granted and until they rich a critical state many are not willing to take the challenge of changing the lifestyle. Individuals who are overweight tend to suffer from depression because of their physical looks. Stress hinders someone from living a productive life. The high levels of body fat make the person at risk of developing many diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, and kidney failure. Many people have died premature deaths by making poor choices in life, for instance, eating unhealthy foods (Preedy, 2012). Salt, for example, cause fluid retention in the body. Avoiding excessive consumption of foods high in salt will help the person lose weight. Salty foods are highly addictive, and they have contributed to the number of increased cases of obesity.

To understand the role of regular screening and weight management

In most cases, people always have a perception that only overweight people are at risk of developing diseases such as diabetes and heart failure. There is, however, blood cholesterol that makes everyone at risk even with those who have a healthy weight. It is determined by the type of foods we consume. Parents should, therefore, take the children for regular screening. It acts as a precaution to them in case they notice a change such as an increase in weight or blood cholesterol. They can then take measures to change the outcome and give the children a healthy life style. Weight management, however, is a long-term process for the parents of Sam as the child is already overweight. Losing excess pounds takes time, and they have to be patient but also strict on maintaining a healthy lifestyle (Gorwitz, 2012). The long-term benefits will be an improved quality life and reduced hospital visits from an improved immunity.

To develop an appropriate healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle gives solutions to many challenges affecting overweight people. Sam at the age of five like many children he eats meals similar to the parents. They have a choice to determine the kind of foods to buy and eat. They should, therefore, replace the unhealthy meals with healthy substitutes such as fruits and vegetables. They remove toxins from the body and lower the blood cholesterol. Unhealthy meals for instance red meat they have high levels of cholesterol that contribute to increased body fat. The parents should also focus on regular exercise. They can walk or engage in activities that allow them to move around the house. Physical activity bans body fat allowing the body to lose excessive weight (García, Vieira & Rodrigues, 2014). A healthy lifestyle is a choice, and it can only work with people who are highly disciplined and those aware of what they want to achieve.

The table below is used to illustrate the stages that overweight people go through and the recommendations for weight reduction at each stage.

Table 1: A learning center teaching plan for child with a high BMI (Duke, 2013)

Stage one

(Prevention plan)

Stage two

(weight management)

Stage three

(comprehensive intervention)

Stage four

(tertiary intervention)

Promotion of a healthy lifestyle

Frequent supervision and monitoring of the BMI

Develop a goal to improve the BMI status

Developing activity and eating goals. It involves being specific on particular diets.

Implementing a daily eating plan that is healthy.

Regular hospital visits for monitoring.

Develop a program that will modify the behavior.

Involvement with a team specialist such as dietician.

Regular work out activities.

Applicable to those who are severely obese and those who have failed to improve the other stages.

Those affected have to be willing to maintain physical activity and recommendations of the diet.

Other measures include weigh control surgery.


There is an increase in the number of children who are overweight. Research indicates that the high rate is attributed to the lifestyle of the parents. Many people are lazy to cook healthy meals they prefer to eat at fast food restaurants. The foods are high in cholesterol, and it accumulates fats on their bodies. Parents should be cautious about the foods they feed their children if they want to increase their life expectancy and also help them live a productive life.


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