A Speech of New Yorker

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The query regarding “what makes a New Yorker” has spanned television shows, movies, songs, quizzes and many debates. Some claim that it relies upon on how long one has lived there, while some (the show “How I Met Your Mother”) assert that it occurs once you have an Allen made of wood unearthing under your belt or when you have killed a cockroach the use of your bare hands. I am a New Yorker, and I have enough reasons to help my claim.
To begin with, we are not afraid of speaking our minds, mainly about the great New York City and most of us have never gone to the Statue of Liberty. We additionally think that $14 is a fair price for a decent cocktail or an excellent movie, we can eat, walk, make a phone call and hail a taxicab at one go and also jaywalk (no New Yorker has never considered not to jaywalk). Furthermore, we, New Yorkers are instantly irritated by hybrid food, no matter how delicious it tastes yet we can walk thirty blocks in the rain and wait on a line for two hours for the sceptical hybrid food. In addition, we say we are waiting “on line,” yet the correct way is “in line,” and the most affluent thing we can ever pay for is the broker’s fee, for an apartment that will be lived for less than one year. We are famous for not avoiding eye contact especially with a panhandler, and we consider iconic healthy foods to be overrated yet, on the other hand, we are bizarrely proud that they started in New York.

Furthermore, we can walk down a street full of restaurants while fervently grumping that there is no food to eat and get uneasy or scared once we visit a remote and rural place. Besides, when walking down the city, most of us prefer adopting s zigzagging route to evade crossing the street only when the lights have changed. A real New Yorker has witnessed at least one individual taking a dump in the street and most of the time; we can also spot tourists from a very far distance, even when they are trying their level best to behave like New Yorkers. Most New Yorkers have never been on sightseeing buses, and most of us are experts at “plat forming” since we know where we need to stand on the train platform to best get to an exit. In addition to that, most New Yorkers have done their groceries either at the bodega or CVS, and in trains, most of us have pretended to be asleep in our seats on a crowded train when someone who needs the seat more than us come about.

Moreover, when a tourist asks for directions, we tend to point at random points in random directions, even if we do not know, rather than honestly admitting that we do not know. We also tend to keep several headphone sets stashed at different places including places of work, gyms or multiple bags, and most of us have fallen asleep while standing upon a train. Likewise, we also tend to pronounce it as “draw” instead of “drawer,” we call fire hydrants “pumps,” and even when we have nowhere to go, we are still in a rush to get there. We also love looking up at tall buildings and at least once, a real New Yorker has hit a car, bus or cap with an umbrella especially if it has blocked the crosswalk.

In conclusion, New York is a city with diverse people with different cultures and characteristics, and once someone blends in, they automatically become real New Yorkers.

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