A self assessement

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A series of questions often come to mind when I am deciding my score in a questionnaire: what score would be rational enough to impress my employer and what scores are not important in relation to my assigned tasks? I have two sets of values, (part 1 and 2) to in this self-assessment, that depict various ethics in the firm. My responsibility is deciphering the importance of each score to the business. The scoring number here are from 1 to 5.
1 suggests little importance as a guide to life
3 is the median and it is a midway value created by the organization. It means the value is outstanding

5 shows the value added is of more importance.

In each value, I choose the number (1,2,3,4,5) that is more important to me. Try to compare the determined value from the rest and then rate the value. If there are no additional values that match with the significant one, then it is rated zero.

By understanding the scale, then rating becomes very easy and crucial to organizational growth. Therefore, I strongly agree with my superiority in being responsible, paying attention, coaching and helping my subordinates. Also, I give employees in the organization priority since they need to be more creative and productive.

Covenantal relationship with employer

Employment is between two parties, and one party receives a payment for the services offered. I have a covenantal relationship with my boss in that we are committed to one another and royal to values shared without benefiting from any decisions. The primary objective is to develop investment in social welfare and promote community interest aiming to help my organization and outsiders (Johnson, 2011).

Encouragement in adopting stewardship mindset

Stewardship focuses on acting on behalf of others. A team should take a stewardshi+p mentality. The decision helps in meeting needs of the society and interest of future generation. For instance, it is concerned with its welfare in the organization, customers, and workers. Also, it identifies visions, missions, and goals of organizations.

Work Cited

Johnson, Craig E. Organizational ethics: A practical approach. Sage Publications, 2011.

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