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Jemar Tisby’s lecture session on religion, liberty, and the civil rights movement all repeated through the life of Fannie Lou Hamer was not only entertaining but also quite insightful. Fannie Lou Hamer, a civil rights activist, presents a passionate portrayal of her suffering in a heavily racist culture, which aids in concentrating specifically on the plight of African-Americans, especially in the south. I agree with the speaker that the question of segregation, bigotry, and white supremacy remains a very informative and important subject even in the contemporary world. Concerning this, Tisby provides a chance to critically reflect upon the issues of slavery and racism through Fannie Lou Hamer’s story, issues which continue to be witnessed in the contemporary world.

For decades racism has been taught in a manner that seems to somewhat ignores the issue of white privilege since it never teaches racism as an issue that puts the “whites” at an advantage. However, the lecture provides different perspectives, among them, the issue of white supremacy which is depicted through Luther and Mary Holbert, both killed on the grounds of a black church. I agree with Jemar Tisby that, during slavery, faith played a critical role in motivating social justice, this illustrated by Fannie Lou Hamer among other civil activists such as Martin Luther King. During this period, Christian faith gave people hope of a better future amidst the sufferings and racism faced as a result of slavery particularly due to its emphasis on all human being equals. I believe that one of the critical points echoed by Tisby is that while in today’s world, issues of racial discrimination and injustices still prevail, individuals should use their faith to gather the courage to fight such social injustices. This session has forced me to re-evaluate my preconception regarding racism and has also made me realize that my comprehension of racism, faith, and justice is somewhat incomplete, and as a result, many of the valuable points presented in the course of the session will aid in my future research papers on the topics discussed.

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Tisby, J. “Bonus: Faith, Justice, and the Civil Rights Movement through the Life of Fannie Lou Hamer”. (2017). Podastery. Retrieved From:

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