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When I was 13 years old, I suffered a debilitating shoulder injury that casts a pall on my hopes and passion to become a well-known tennis player. Despite several medical consultations, the cause of the injury could not be identified or a solution to the issue could not be identified. But my twin brother, whom we played tennis together, was thriving in the sport and securing top spots on the varsity squad. In such circumstances, the risk of being jealous of the popularity of my brother was very high, and it was crucial for me to find a way of channeling this negative emotion. It is during this period that I decided to focus on myself and to restore hope that there was a possible solution to my problem provided I had the will and perseverance. I pursued several options which involved numerous lab test and constant dietary changes with the aim of regaining my previous physical health. Finally, I began recording positive development and significant improvement in my physical and mental health. During this process, my family was very supportive and offered all the assistance I required.

This experience came with a silver lining; the quest to understand the source of my pain and the journey to my recovery enabled me to understand my desire in life. The situation got me thinking of the various inventions today and the effort that led to their very existence. My passion for engineering was conceptualized then. Considering my strong desire for competition, I practice tolerance and consideration for others. I believe my passion is creating solutions for persistent problems faced by many and engineering is the best avenue for me to achieve this goal. I line with my career goal, I have strived to maintain excellent grades as a straight A student with a: 4.0 GPA, weighted GPA of 4.267, and a SAT score of 1510. During my middle school, my fascination with robotics led me to the robotics club where I attained a 3rd place position in the state. Additionally, I have focused on undergoing AP classes in physics, chemistry, and calculus among others in preparation for my future career in engineering.

Despite my achievements and noticeable educational prowess, I have strived to maintain a low profile. In my schooling, I have never vied for any elective posts despite the self-belief I have in my self. It has not been due to any issues I have regarding the positions but, I believe there are other avenues of service like directly assisting others, where I have coached tennis players and worked with environmentalists such as NRCS. My experience has enabled me to understand how important it is to help one person at a time due to the diversity of people’s needs. I have volunteered in the service of those who require it the most and place my desires and aspirations as a secondary or otherwise tertiary want for now. In catering to the needs of others, I managed to find the time to play piano for the elderly in the society in their nursing homes and coordinated a food drive. My time in college will enable me to broaden my knowledge and understanding on the social requirements of an engineer and how to respond to the various challenges in life with the proper solutions. I intend to use my engineering knowledge to the service of others through inventions and creating solutions to persistent problems which require technical solutions.

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