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Good as well as negative feedback is very beneficial. It offers useful knowledge for critical decision making. Many outstanding companies continue to look for effective ways to connect across the entire business (Kluger & DeNisi, 2016). The organization I operated as a small business a few months ago but has become an enormous company because workers understand each other. The organization focuses clearly on how clients, customers, suppliers, staff, vendors, and stakeholders can provide input. If an organization is to be successful, it should not only have input and embrace them, but also request it deliberately. Feedback has benefits for the one providing it, the receiver as well as the entire organization. For that matter, various reasons why it is important are revealed. First, feedback is a form of effective listening. Regardless of the means used to provide feedback, the person giving the feedback needs to know that the message is understood and its valuable (Susan, 2015). For this reason, I always ask for clarification to ensure that I clearly know how to use the feedback I receive. Secondly, feedback can be used as a form of motivation especially when employees are asked for it. Naturally, employees feel appreciated and valued when they are asked to provide feedback that helps in decision making. The motivation of building good working relations can come from the feedback received from across the organization. Again, feedback improves performance as it is used as a continuous tool of learning. When viewed as a constructive criticism, feedback help in formulating better ideas for better decision making that improve performance (Susan, 2015). This is connected to the fact that feedback helps you learn how to remain focused. In order to remain aligned to goals in my quest for knowledge, I always ensure that I ask for feedback whenever something is not clear to me. That’s how I keep on improving.

The best feedback ought to make people learn and improve. So, to give feedback, it’s important to remain focused on the bigger picture. It means, if the feedback involves an organization, it should help in achieving organization’s objectives. Secondly, giving feedback requires the giver to focus on facts, behavior as well as remain specific on issues at hand. Considering the fact that feedback needs to create an impression, it is crucial to ensure that your explanation is accurate (Jennifer, 2017). Again, it is important to consider both positive and negative outcomes while giving feedback. Both positive and negative feedback has specific roles on the recipient. It alerts them on what they need to change and what ought to be improved. That’s why it important to identify priorities.

Receiving feedback is very important as well. To begin with, it offers an opportunity to change for the better. This applies to all levels of interactions. For instance, in case employees in an organization are not alerted when they perform poorly, they will continue until they are informed about their standard of work. Again, giving feedback helps the recipient learn (Bridget, 2016). For that reason, they will know the best way to approach a situation in the future. Receiving feedback has helped me create meaningful relationships with other people since my guardian taught me how to handle people with different personalities.

In conclusion, feedback is both useful for the receiver as well as the giver. The receiver realizes what they need to improve on in the future and makes them feel valued and therefore motivated. The giver needs to see that the current situation is improved and the results march expectations. Moreover, it provides an opportunity for honest discussions between the parties involved.


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