A comparison between Helena and Hermia

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Helena and Hermia have specifically compared them, and have shown their character as individually portrayed by the author. Both characters have a good sense of humor that is shown by their dialogue. Hermia speaks of her lover’s wrath, but he still loves her, on the other hand. Helena replies that Hermia has smile expertise for her frowns. Such conversations are sarcastic and you have effectively represented these two characters. Overall, I agree with the way you present your work and your study of the children. In the introductory part of the essay, it could be advisable to inform the reader what you mean by high and low comedy. In the paper, you have indicated that high comedy depends on wit, and you also compare it with low comedy. Please, rewrite the introductory part in order to bring out what both low and high comedy means. For example, indicate that high comedy is a form of humor that has witty dialogue, satire, and criticism of life. For the rest of the paper, your presentation is of high quality. I agree with the examples that you associate with both low and high comedy in your paper.

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