A Cat’s Life

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The writer recounts an episode when they almost killed their dad’s cat. It is during summer, and the sun is setting. The author and a brother are enjoying the sunset by hiking on a tree. They notice a cat and both are in for the idea to tease the cat. They put the cat in a bag and zip it up. The creator manages to climb with the pack at the top of the tree about thirty feet off the ground. Their father calls, “Jenny? Come down.” jenny’s brother is sited on the lower branch; his eyes dilate with concern when his father calls. Carefully Jenny places the backpack between two branches and begins to descend. She fears that her father would discover the cat. Before long, the bag falls with a thud. She feels sorry for the cat, but she feels relieved on seeing the bag moving and flopping. After opening the pack, the cat runs away across the neighbor’s fence. She feels relieved. Although the cat episode has remained a family folklore, she learned that life is meaningful.

Dead rabbit

Death is unwelcome, and one would give up anything to keep it away. It is summer night. The writer’s aunt calls and they suspect that something is wrong. Their grandmother is sick. They have to travel to their aunt’s place using a bus. The journey takes three days. On arriving at the aunt’s home, she is sitting on a porch. They lead inside and finds that their grandmother is too weak to get up. It is in the morning, and everyone is awake. The writer discovers a dead rabbit near an almond tree. The aunt too does not understand the cause of death. An indigenous woman passes by and inquires of the dead rabbit. She advises that the rabbit be given a decent burial, and the sick would heal. After the burial, the grandmother is seen walking out of the door feeling much better. The writer describes the event as a miracle, and so do I.

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