A Case Study Analysis of 646 Consulting

646 Consulting's Implementation of the Theory of Change

646 Consulting will gain more through the implementation of the proposed theory of change as it will allow the organization to realign its objectives to the long-term industry goals. The desired change can only be brought about by first seeking to understand the existing relationship between the clients and the providers in the market. Additionally, the organization needs to devise methods to identify initial problems associated with uncommitted providers and establishing clear communication channels to reduce delays and uncertainty of our clients. However, there will be significant financial implications on the decision to pursue the theory of change due to adoption of several structural and policy changes. The approximate cost for mobilizing resources to mend the relationships between clients and providers would amount to $3000 while establishing communication to ease the relations between ourselves and the different clients, amounts to $2000. Notably, the project consumes a significant portion of the organization’s financial pool. To avoid dissatisfaction and complaints from the existing staff members, the lead committee will brief the employees in time concerning the desired changes to allow them to make adjustments to the policy directive (Cameron and Mike). In my opinion, no additional stuff is required as the existing ones possess knowledge and skills in key operative procedures.

SWOT Analysis of the Organization

S – Resilience and ability to survive through low performing financial and marketing periods

W – Limited financial muscles to fund all the proposed changes as well as installation of new communication structures and equipment.

O – Instituting a theory of change in the organization that will provide a chance for employees and managers to focus on job delivery.

T – A change in political and economic environment that could jeopardize the initial plans.

Impact of SWOT Analysis on Decision Making

The identified elements in the SWOT analysis will directly impact the decision of the organization. However, these may either support the achievement of better performance levels or lead to a declining performance of 646 Consultants. With a committed staff, the objectives of the project will be easily realized, but a disinterested staff leads to failure. The organization needs to seek additional funding to sponsor the research program and develop solutions to provider and client relations.

Work Cited

Cameron, Esther, and Mike Green. Making sense of change management: A complete guide to the models, tools and techniques of organizational change. Kogan Page Publishers, 2015.

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